Career Change Advice -
6 Keys to a Successful Career Change

Here is some of the simplest career change advice you will ever get.
Simply ask yourself this question: "What work was I born for?"
What is the work that I MUST do?

Every one of us was born with specific talents and abilities but research suggests most of us simply aren't using them in our current job.

Your gifts need to be used in your work life if you are to experience true fulfillment, satisfaction and good financial reward.
The purpose of this website is to show you how to achieve that.

Hello, my name is Simon Davies; I'm a qualified career counsellor from the Gold Coast, Australia.

Providing career change advice and helping people in their job search has been the focus of my work for over fifteen years.

You Have Tremendous Ability!

This career change advice has helped many people find a career that matches with the individual personality or motivational style that is unique to them.
That might be a job working for someone else. Or perhaps in your own business.
Everyone has abilities, everyone has something of value to offer. I believe there are no exceptions to this rule.

The majority of people who come to me for career change advice either:
  • grossly underestimate their abilities or
  • they say "I don't think I have any significant abilities"

Which Is the Best Job?

Is there such a thing as a best job? Can a doctor say to a garbage collector; "I have a better job than you". Can the arborist say to the IT professional, "I have a better job than you".

Having the best job has nothing to do with the type of job a person does but rather, are they naturally suited to that job.

In fact a rubbish collector could very well say to the doctor "I have a better job than you" and he could be right if the doctor was not gifted for that job.

God Don't Make No Flops

It doesn't interest me what you are doing for a living, I want to know what you ache for... I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool for love, for your dream, for the adventure of being alive, ...I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away.... Oriah Mountain Dreamer
In the bible it says that God has "shaped each of us" and that he knit us together while we were in our mothers womb.

You may be familiar with the movie Chariots of Fire where Olympic athlete Eric Liddell said;
I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast, and when I run, I feel God's pleasure......To give up running would be to hold God in contempt.

Just a Job or Something Really Significant

Know Thyself
There is a desire in the heart of every human being to expend their life on some significant purpose.

A life where you can make a difference in the world.

A life that when it is finished, you can say:

"I'm glad I dedicated my life to doing that"

 I believe there is a direct correlation between you utilising your natural abilities and realising that significant purpose.

 Central to effective career change advice is getting to know the truth about who you really are in regards to your natural abilities.

 Without that truth about yourself, any career change advice is based on wrong foundations. It is unlikely your job search will ever amount to anything fulfilling.

Can You Really Be Anything You Want?

An important part in finding out who we are in the world of work, is to first find out who we are not.
The truth is, we can't really be anything we want.  Or more precisely, we can't be anything we want and be happy.

When a person realizes they are in a job that is a wrong fit for them,
that' s often the stage at which they might embark on a new job search quest and seek career change advice. 
Deep in our hearts, we all want to find and fulfill a purpose bigger than ourselves.
Only such a larger purpose can inspire us to heights we know we could never reach on our own.
For each of us the real purpose is personal and passionate: to know what we are here to do, and why.

Dr. Os Guinness

Ironically, that can sometimes be 20 years or more into a career and of course for a good number of people, that event never occurs in their entire working life.

Only a very large purpose can inspire and motivate you to heights you could otherwise never reach. Thats why once your inborn job skills are identified you can look forward to your dream career.

You will feel like a new person.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your energy levels are like a blazing fire for some projects?

That's because the heart of who you are is wonderfully awakened as it discovers a good match between the innate abilities you were born with, and the task at hand.

Where Do I Start

These inborn job skills are the skills that you are naturally wired or motivated to use.
It's what makes you tick.  When you are using your inborn job skills, you are doing something you love and often lose all sense of time.

You can find out what your inborn job skills are by completing the Dream Career Finder - cost $9.95.

I want to encourage you to eagerly seek out your hearts deepest passions. Or perhaps rediscover passions that you once had but have somehow got lost along the way.

This will give you confidence to consider new possibilities about yourself.
What might you be good at if the doors were truly opened on your natural inborn job skills. 

On This Web Site

  1. Career change advice on how to discover
  2. what your inborn job skills are and how to match them to types of careers that you are naturally good at.

  3. Find out more about the very successful, yet underutilized job search methods. Methods that will make your job search more likely to land that dream job.

  4. Improve your job interview success, with my top ten
    job interview tips, including how to handle those sometimes difficult job interview questions.

  5. Learn the six secrets about successful career change resume writing.

  6. Show you why you probably shouldn't bother taking most career tests.

  7. Take a look at whether or not you might be suited to self employment or a "work at home career".

Most Workers Aren't Happy In Their Job - But That's Easy to Fix!

According to research up to 80% of the
current workforce is dissatisfied in their career?
A lot of us appear to be in the wrong job.

And a good number of us 'fell' into our first job at an early age after our job search quest was based on a lack of good information about ourselves.
We then went on to base our future career choices on the experience we gained from that first questionable career decision.

We began to accumulate a lifetime of work experience based on what was probably a wrong choice in the beginning.
Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a person does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right wind.


The result is that we have become frustrated and miserable in our career and we often feel 'stuck'  and unsure how to take the first step in our new job search quest.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone.

The good news is that a fulfilling career is not only possible but your God given right and your responsibility to pursue.

Find out now what your unique inborn job skills are.

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