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I Write Resumes That Give You An Edge?

It's a competitive game applying for a job.

It's not unusual for an employee or agency to receive over 100 applications for a single position.

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Simon Davies at Gold Coast Resume Writing knows how to create a resume that stands the best possible chance of you being invited for an job interview.

How do I do this: As a qualified Career Counselor, I know how to identify your natural abilities and persuasively communicate this to an employer.

And this applies even if you think your skills and experience might not be that competitive for a particular position.

It is often not the best candidate that wins the job.... but rather the person who knows best how to match what they have, with what the employer is looking for.. and this is something that I am experienced and competent in.

I will creatively unwrap and match your skills and experience with the requirements of the type of jobs you are applying for.

As an award-winning business owner who has scripted and produced television and radio commercials, I understand personal marketing well.
And personal marketing is exactly what a successful resume is all about.

To request your new resume, simply click the Buy Now button below.
I will be in phone contact with you (usually the same day) to get things rolling.
Or you can contact me immediately to arrange a time to meet.
Phone 0481 333 415

I Would Like To Get to Know You (after hours available)

The primary role of a good resume writer is to represent you and market you in the best possible light.
I find I am able to do this best when I get to know you well.

I will spend approximately 70 to 90 minutes with you on Skype or the phone, asking you questions about your work history, your natural abilities, aspects of previous roles you liked most, how you think you contributed best to previous organisations and quite a bit more.

This 'digging deeper' allows me to accurately identify the best way to represent your past and your future with the employer.
This results in a more accurate and professional document that is appealing and reassuring to an employer.
It will demonstrate who you are and what you can achieve for them going forward. It's designed to not only show where you have been, but project where you want to go.

What is the Purpose of A Resume?

To get a job?
Not Really?

The real purpose of a resume is only to secure an interview.

Thats what I'm good at...producing resumes (personal marketing documents) that create a desire in the heart of the employer, to invite you in for an interview. Then it's up to you (more on the interview later).

Once you have secured an interview, you can just about forget your resume. From that point on, it's now the job interview alone that will win you the job.

What Sort of Resumes Get Interviews?

Resumes that are superb at communicating why you would be good for their organisation.
And also a resume that is not the same as all the others out there. We need to make you stand out.

A resume is a personal marketing document that presents you in the best possible light and communicates why you would be good for the employer.

It's job is to match your desires and abilities with the needs of the organisation you are applying to.

This is really the key to successful resume writing -to unearth your very best skills and motivations, whether that be work related or skills from other experiences.....then match them with what the employer is looking for. It's quite an art to get right if you are going to beat other job seekers.

The Interview Process

The best possible resume I can create for you will be the result of me extracting quality information from you.
I hope this doesn't sound too frank, but during the interview, I will ask almost all the questions and take extensive notes.

It's important for the sake of a great resume that I extract the information employers actually want and not what a job seeker thinks they should give them.

About Me- Simon Davies Career Counselor

I have been involved in career counseling industry for over 15 years. I have a Diploma in Career Counseling and Certificate and Vocational Assessment. I thrive at helping people realise their full potential in career and life. .. (more)

Resume Costs

Resume $195
Resume and Cover Letter $240

Resume Options
Alternatively, you can make payment when we meet. Cash, cheque or Paypal. Payment is required before work begins or at first meeting.

All Resumes include the following:
  1. 70-90 minute resume consultation via Skype or phone. After hours appointments available.

  2. Preparation of layout and design using the latest industry accepted designs and formatting.

    Research has shown that because of the high volume of applicants for many positions, most employers and recruitment agencies initially spend little more than 10 seconds looking at each resume.
    If, during that first 10 seconds they are unable to see anything that will catapult your resume into the 'second look' category, then it will probably never be looked at again.

    What you say, the words you use to say it and how it is aesthetically presented to them, is critical in going to the next level of securing an interview.

  3. Compiling and composing of first draft (and cover letter if applicable).

  4. Draft submission with unlimited follow up by email or phone for editing and fine tuning.

  5. Digital copy in MS Word (and PDF if required). Hard copies available on request. I will discuss with you why hard copies can be more successful than digital and how to implement this strategy during the application process.

  6. You also have access to my job interview question and answers information, which I believe you'll be needing very soon. I also verbally provide some personalised job search and interview tips

  7. If You Are Not Happy You Don't Pay:
    I believe this will not ever be needed by you but I just want you to know that if your not happy with your resume for any reason, I'll refund your payment.
    Here's how works: if at the end of the process (and after reasonable attempts by me to address your concerns), you are not happy with the finished resume/cover letter, I will refund your payment in full within 3 working days.

Turn Around Time: usually 2-3 working days.
(An additional Rush Fee of $45 applies for resumes required in less than 48 hours).

When paying through this website, please provide your phone number on the payments page as requested. My email address is also provided there.

Please call me if you have any questions prior to placing your order. Phone 0481 333415

If a new resume results in a better job offer, then it's money very well spent and is worth many times the investment you make now.

Please click below to order your new resume.

Resume Options

If you would prefer to make payment into a bank account, please deposit into:
BSB 034002 Account 966349
Include your name as reference with payment.
Then please contact me by phone or email. Payment is required before work begins or at first consultation stage.

Terms and Conditions
Clients should comprehensively proof read their resume before submitting for a job application. It is a client's ultimate responsibility to ensure all details on their resume are accurate.

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