How To Benefit from Life and Career Coaching?

Most of us never realize our true potential.
Life and career coaching could change that.
Deep down, many of us are aware that our current lives and careers could and should be more fulfilling.

But somehow it only remains a dream.

What Do You Want in Life

  • Do you want to move into a career that's always interested you but have never got around to creating a career development plan to get things moving.

  • Do you want to be spending more time building better relationships with those you love and having more fun with your partner or children.

  • The goal of life and career coaching is about finding out what you truly want in life, and then making it happen.

  • Do you want to do something about creating that financial nest egg for later in life

  • Do you want to take some action on losing those pounds and attaining a reasonable level of fitness in your life.

  • Do you want to become a better boss or a better husband or wife.

  • Do you have a question about your career direction.
    Use my free career questions and answers forum

  • Do you just want to create more space in your life, slow down a bit to be on your own and catch up on some reading or personal reflections.

Most of us want to improve, change or do something different in the coming years.
For a variety of reasons we just don't seem to get around to doing them.

Life and career coaching is about bridging the gap between what you want to do and actually getting it done.

You Have No Choice

The life which is unexamined is not worth living break

- Plato
I have noticed that the people in life that are successful are those who are willing to do things that the majority of us don't want to do.

I mean personal discipline.
I don't know of anybody who has been successful, who hasn't had a high degree of personal discipline.

As Zig Ziglar says
"no plan will work if you don't"

The most meaningful description of personal discipline I have heard of was described as
No Choice

What this means is that when those moments in life arise where you need to make some firm discipline decisions to advance you towards your goal, you have to learn to say to yourself:

"Although I may not really feeling like doing this, I have no choice".

If I adopt an attitude of "I have no choice" when I am first planning my goal, then it becomes relatively easier to get past those personal discipline issues when the inevitable situation arises where I don't feel like doing the things that need to be done.

I have discovered in life that sometimes I need to do the things I hate to get the things I love.

Some Commonly Asked Questions about Life and Career Coaching

1. What is life and career coaching?

Life and career coaching is about asking some questions of ourselves.
  • "Is this the kind of life I want?"

  • "Is this the career I want to be in? If not, do I know how to choose a career that's right for me? "

  • "When I go to the grave, am I going to be able to say "I'm glad that I dedicated my life to doing this"

  • "Are my relationships, whether they be marriage, children, business or other, are they pretty much like I want them to be?

I'm sure most people ask themselves these questions from time to time.
Sometimes we come up with good answers but our own life history has shown that for whatever reason we have not been able to implement the necessary changes to achieve our goals.

In other words we know what to do but we haven't got around to doing it.

I am passionate about seeing people exploit individual potential that lies within them.
I have provided career change advice for a number of years and one repetitious theme that comes through from the people I work with, is a person's inability to truly see their own unique strengths and inborn job skills.

Accurately knowing what you're innate abilities are in relation to your career, can be a major personal revelation.

2. What actually happens during a life and career coaching session?

Life and career coaching can be split into two parts:

i. Firstly we spend some time identifying what is important to you in life.
What is it that you really want?
What is it that you ache for?
What is it that, when you lie on your death bed, you will be able to say with conviction "I'm glad I dedicated my life to doing that".

ii. Then it's all about making it happen.
Strategizing, setting goals and taking specific action steps that we work together on for your benefit and increased fulfillment in life.

Once we've identified what's important to you, together we make a plan to ensure that you get what you want.

This is where life and career coaching is invaluable.
Much of the success of the coaching is simply due to the power of the relationship and the accountability factor.

3. What sort of people use life and career coaches?

1. Employed or self employed people wanting to maintain a balance in their life with their family and health.

2. Those trying to find their dream career, whether it be a professional person who has been stuck in a job for many years or a mother returning to the workforce.
(It has been estimated that up to 80% of the workforce are mismatched and not naturally motivated towards their current job).
See my dream career finder assessment

3. An employed person who wants to start their own business.

4. Perhaps someone who has tasted 'success' in one area of life but found it to be an anticlimax and are now looking for something more.

5. Someone who wants to become more in touch with their spiritual side - See God and work


I have been self-employed most of my life.
Since the age of 23 I have established a number of businesses; some have been successful, some have not.

So I particularly enjoy working with and have empathy for self employed people or people who want to become self-employed.

I know the struggles of trying to maintain a life work balance - and in particular the work verse family struggle.

I have a Diploma in Career Counselling and have run programs to help people identify the career that's right for them - both on an individual basis and in group workshops.
Invariably the question "what job should I do?" becomes "what do I want to do with my life?
So there is a close link between career consulting and life coaching.

Philosophy To Work and Life

My personal philosophy in life embraces the idea that we are unique individuals.
That we can have happiness, health and wealth and these are our God given gifts.
I believe in the ability of everyone to have big dreams and to achieve them.

One of the saddest things in life for me is to see the frequently untapped potential that lays dormant in many of us.
My desire is to help awaken that sleeping giant.

Why should we settle for the entree when five courses are set before us.

Career Development Coaching

  • Do you ever wonder what is it that you really want in a career?
  • Are you looking for your dream job but not really sure how to find what it is?
  • Are you feeling frustrated and unmotivated in your present job?
  • Are you concerned that a job change may not make the difference you are looking for?
  • Do you ever ask yourself "Is this it", regarding your career or life

I offer one-on-one assistance with career direction, life balance evaluation, life and career coaching, C.V. preparation and interview training.
For more information please see my career advice Gold Coast services page.

All of these services are about all via telephone or Skype to anywhere in the world.

One of the foundations of quality career coaching is to help a person understand what they are best at.

I believe there are certain jobs that every individual on this planet will be good at and enjoy doing.

If you would like to find out about what job type you are best suited to, complete the inborn job skills assessment.

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