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One on One Career Advice on the Gold Coast Australia

Most people gain considerable insight into what motivates them in a job after having career counseling.

"What I found most helpful was the discussion about my motivated abilities and how these had kept repeating themselves in previous jobs. I found this discussion/process of impartial career evaluation quite useful and would recommend Simon to anyone looking for careers help.


You will begin to understand, sometimes for the first time in your life, about the types of work that you are truly passionate about and most motivated to do.

The gifts and abilities that you were born with and naturally motivated to use will be addressed. And a plan implemented to encourage these natural motivations to be used in future jobs.

For many people this is critical information they learn about themselves in relation to the work they should be doing.
Perhaps for the first time in your life you will begin to understand the type of work that will bring you real meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction.

If you have experienced frustration in your career because of a "bad fit" in your job, some face-to-face sessions can be tremendously beneficial in bringing clarity to your career decision

It can be a wonderfully enlightening process for the many people who are not quite sure what job they would be best at or those who have been working in a job for quite some time and feel frustrated and disillusioned about the fulfillment they are receiving from their work.

I provide face-to-face careers advice in the Gold Coast area, for local clients and one-on-one sessions via telephone, Skype etc for those living elsewhere.

1. How Much Will it Cost?

Charges are $140 per session [60 minutes].
Payment at the completion of each session is required - Visa, Mastercard, Cash

What Does a Career Counsellor Do?

A career counsellor may work with the following types of people.
Those who:
  1. Are thinking about changing careers.
  2. Have finished school or University but are unsure what work they would like to do.
  3. Have been made redundant and want to consider other options.
  4. Aren't fulfilled or satisfied in their work but are unsure why this is.

2. What Will I Get Out of This?

The primary goal of career counseling is to help you understand yourself better in relation to the world of work.
And this includes looking at what your primary gifts and abilities are, what things you are most motivated towards in life and how these fit in with job possibilities.

It's also about empowering you as a person to make right choices from the information you have.
However what a career counselor doesn't do [or at least shouldn't do] is to make decisions for you.

3. What Makes Me a Good Career Advice Counselor?

I guess the easy answer is that I love what I do and have a natural desire to see the maximum potential extracted out of other people.

I have worked within the career advice profession for over ten years, both self-employed and working for another organization.
I have a Diploma in Career Counseling and a Certificate in Vocational Assessment. And I have many satisfied clients.
For more information about me, please visit my About Me page.

4. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is a difficult question to answer.
I see some people for only one session and I have seen some clients for 10 sessions or more.
There are two parts to what I do with clients.
The first is to help them identify what they are good at, as discussed above.

The second is to work with them as they work through their job search.
If you need help with your job search, the number of sessions required will be considerably more than if you just need help with working out what you are good at.
Rule of thumb, allow 1 to 3 sessions to work on what you are good at.
I recommend clients book one session at a time for as long as they feel that the process is helpful for them.

To book a time please phone 0487 185557 or use the Contact tab

If using the contact form please indicate two appointments times that would be suitable for you. Please also include your daytime phone number on the form.

All face-to-face appointments are conducted at my central Brisbane address, Level 20, 300 Queen St or at my home office on the Gold Coast.


Career Advice Brisbane and Gold Coast services include:

  • Face to face career advice sessions in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast
  • Career Development Coaching- helping you transition through the process of identifying a new career option and then working with you through to the end of the process of securing a new job
  • One Day Career Workshops (see below for next date)
  • Outplacement services for employers to help employees transition into a new job as a result of redundancy etc

Services available outside of the Brisbane Gold Coast area include:

  • Telephone career advice
  • International clients via Skype or phone.

Job Search Help

I also work with people through the full job search process including accessing the hidden job market, assistance in gaining interviews with potential employers, interview training and Resume-CV preparation.

Career Change Advice by Skype or Phone

NZ$140.00 - 60min session
Phone +61 487185557

One on One Career Change Advice Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia

Brisbane Address:
Level 20
300 Queen Street
Brisbane CBD 4000

Gold Coast Address:
Suite 375, 15 Albert Ave
Gold Coast 4218

A$140.00 - 60min session. Payment at the completion of each session is required - Visa, Mastercard, Cash
Phone +61 487185557 to book a time

Career Abilities Uncovered: One-Day Workshop Brisbane

Next Workshop Date:
Saturday 24th March 2012

This workshop will identify your inborn skills and talents - those attributes that you were born with and are naturally motivated to use.

The workshop will uncover your natural inborn inborn giftedness and job skills by scrutinizing past activities from childhood right through to the present.

Because abilities are so deeply ingrained and innate to us as individuals, they express themselves in the things we do, both in work and non-work activities.

If you have read other material on this website, you'll know that I believe everybody has natural abilities and that we are born with them.
And there are no exceptions to this.

This is a very enlightening career workshop as it often reveals aspects of your true work motivations and inborn abilities that you were not aware of before.
It is often a very releasing and liberating experience when you connect with the truth of who you are in regards to the world of work and what you are innately motivated to do.

Those who have felt frustration and disillusionment in their career and are looking for a career change will particularly benefit from this career workshop.
You will gain insight into what motivates you at the core of your being and gain understanding about the type of work that inspires you the most.

Gifts and abilities that you were born with will be identified in a way that will result in greater confidence in your career.
You will know with certainty that these gifts and abilities are true and accurate about you as a person.

The workshop is held at Level 20, 300 Queen Street, Brisbane 4000.

Cost: A$195 per person
[A$100 payable at the time of booking, balance due on the day of workshop].

Career Abilities Uncovered Workshop
9:30 AM Session 1.
10:50 AM Morning Tea.
11:10 AM Session 2
12:30 PM Lunch
1:30 PM, Session 3
3:00 PM Afternoon Tea
3:15 PM Session 4
5:00 PM Finish

Morning and afternoon tea is provided.

To book a place in the workshop, please use one of the payment options below:

1. Pay via Credit Card using the Pay Now button below

2. Pay directly into bank account BSB: 734002 Account: 880817 (please include your name as reference)


Please note that all payments whether by credit card or Paypal are processed by Paypal.

If you are paying by Visa or Mastercard, just choose the Credit Card Payment option after clicking "Pay Now".

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Simon Davies Career Advice Brisbane and Gold Coast
Diploma in Career Counselling Certificate in Vocational Assessment
Past professional memeber of Career Development Association of New Zealand
(Formely Career Practioners Association of New Zealand)

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