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I need help/advice as to how to obtain a decent paying full time job.
I graduated from college last year with a history degree and work as a freelance sports writer, but I am learning there is not much money in this and the long term doesn't look promising with the state of newspapers.

What kinds of jobs could I get with my background. Any advice is helpful even if it involves something unrelated to my degree/work history such as any program that would lead directly to a job.


Simons Reply- Career Help - Freelance Sports Writing

The first thing I would be asking myself is this: How much do I enjoy freelance sports writing?

Forget for a moment that it isn't making you much money and focus entirely on how much you really love the work.
If you really enjoy this type of work and you think you are good at it, then eventually you should begin to see a good income materialize.

The problem in the mean time then becomes how do I produce income from other work until such a time as my freelance sports writing earns me a good living.
If you have a love for sports writing then you should be able to put up with some shorter term "any jobs" just to get you by while your sports journalism income gains momentum.

In regards to the long term viability of newspapers, I wouldn't rate that as much of a problem. There will still be good demand for sports writers, it's just that the method of delivery is changing from hard copy newspapers to digital delivery. And there are many more avenues for sports journalists than just newspapers.

If however you are not sure if being a freelance sports writer is really you, then you need to be starting from scratch in regards to long term career considerations.

You didn't say why you chose history to study and if this is a real love of yours. The kinds of jobs you should be going for should be more linked to what you're passionate about rather than "what job could I get".

If you are unsure what you are passionate about try this inborn job skills exercise or this quick career assessment.

Feel free to come back to me with any further questions.

Regards Simon
Here is a great book on journalism that you may find interesting - Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers' Guide from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University

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