How To Find Work That Gives You A Sense Of Purpose

"My guess is that you have been thinking for a while - that you should get out of this dreadful, unfulfilling job and find something that fits with who you really are"

You're not alone! We all seek work where we can experience a greater sense of a satisfaction and purpose.

Most people I see, have been thinking about their unfulfilling career for quite some time, but never got around to doing anything about it.

Being in a job you where you are disillusioned and find frustrating, can become soul-destroying.
And it can affect other areas of your life including realtionships, family and stress levels.

Do you want to be stuck in an unfulfilling job for the rest of your life?

Everyone has a right to pursue work they love to do and are innately good at.
These jobs do exist and many people do experience great satisfaction from their work.
However, it is true that the majority don't!

Research tells us the bulk of people are in a similar situation to you!
Why is that?

Often it is because we get stuck in a job we don't like, and then never get around to taking time out to actively investigate other possibilities.
This is where I come in.

I help people get unstuck!

I help people unravel what work they would be good at and love to do.
Then I help them implement an action plan to achieve it.

It can be very beneficial to have a career professional sit down with you to help carve out a new career path that suits your giftedness and motivational style.

This almost always results in work that is more satisfying and fulfilling - work that you can actually get excited about!

"What I found most helpful was the discussion about my motivated abilities and how these had kept repeating themselves in previous jobs. I found this discussion/process of impartial career evaluation quite useful and would recommend Simon to anyone looking for careers help.


You begin to understand the types of work that you are truly passionate about and motivated towards.

The gifts and abilities you were born with and are naturally motivated to use are addressed. And a proactive plan implemented to ensure these natural abilities are utilised going forward.

Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will begin to understand the type of work that will bring you real meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction.

It can be a wonderfully enlightening process if you are currently not sure what job you would enjoy most.

1. Fees

  • $140 for first session [90 minutes] including follow up action steps
  • $95 all subsequent sessions [60 minutes}
Payment at the completion of each session is required.

To book an appointment please phone 07 3180 3877 or use the Contact Form below

What Does a Career Counsellor Do?

A career counsellor may work with the following types of people.
Those who:
  1. Are thinking about changing careers but dont know where to start.
  2. Are unfulfilled or unsatisfied in their work but are unsure why this is.
  3. Are not happy with the work culture they find themselves in.
  4. Have been made redundant and want to consider their options.

2. What Will I Get Out of This?

The primary goal of career counseling is to help you understand yourself better in relation to the world of work.
And this includes looking at what your primary gifts and abilities are, what things you are most motivated towards in life and how these fit in with job possibilities.

It's also about empowering you as a person to make good choices from the information you have.
However what a career counselor doesn't do [or at least shouldn't do] is to make decisions for you.

3. What Makes Me a Good Career Advice Counselor?

I guess the easy answer is that I love what I do and have a natural desire to see the maximum potential extracted out of other people.

I have worked within the career profession for over ten years, both in my own business and working for another organisation.
I have a Diploma in Career Counseling and a Certificate in Vocational Assessment. And I have many satisfied clients.
For more information about me, please visit my About Me page.

4. How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is a difficult question to answer.
I see some people for only one session and I have seen some clients for 10 sessions.
There are two parts to what I do with clients.
The first is to help them identify what they are good at, as discussed above.

The second is to work with them as they work through their job search.
If you need help with your job search, the number of sessions required will be considerably more than if you just need help with working out what you are good at.
Rule of thumb, allow 1 to 3 sessions to work on what you are good at.
I recommend clients book one session at a time for as long as they feel that the process is helpful for them.

All face-to-face appointments are conducted at my home office in Robina on the Gold Coast.

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