Career Assessment Tools: Which Are the Best?

There is a dizzying array of career assessment tools offered these days to help solve your career change woes.

From free online career aptitude tests to a full-blown two day career assessment inventory.
There is no shortage of options.
But are some assessment tools better than others? In short the answer would appear to be so.

I want to differentiate here between a general career assessment tool and a specific test such as an online aptitude test.

So when changing careers, should you be completing the more popular type of career change test or looking at some other form of career assessment.

If you have read my career tests page, you'll know that my career change advice does not usually include taking career tests than.

However other career assessment tools are quite helpful.
This page will focus on the latter.

I use the term career assessment tools to describe any means that is used to help in career assessment in any way.
This may be as simple as some probing questions from a career change consultant.

A career test however invariably involves predesigned questions of some sort like an online aptitude test or perhaps a similar hard copy variety.

I was watching a video recently of Richard Bolles, author of the best selling career book of all time, What Color Is Your Parachute. Bolles retold a situation of somebody he knew who had just undergone an extensive 2 day career assessment test battery.

'If I were job hunting,
I would pick up a copy
of this book without

The gentleman was particularly excited as he recounted to Mr. Bolles how the test results were "amazing, almost all the test results were so accurate about me".

He turned to him and said, "How did you know they were so accurate?"
The person thought about this question for a moment and said "I just knew". How did he know the test results were so accurate unless he already had that self-knowledge?

And this is one of my problems with tests, they usually only tell us what we already know if we had examined ourselves well enough.
But they train to provide some mystic insight into a personality or motivational type.

One of the most beneficial and simple career assessment tools that you can do to help you identify the things you are best at, is to systematically look your past life for achievements that you enjoyed doing and felt that you did well.

Then look for common themes or common skills used amongst those achievements.

The achievements can be work or nonwork related and should usually include some examples from various stages in your life including your childhood.

For full details on this career assessment tool see the free career assessment . This includes a downloadable skills list you will need to complete the assessment.
This type of assessment has proven to be very reliable with all types of people, even those who feel they have never been exposed to many rich experiences in their life.

If you really would like to complete an online career change test, one of the most common [and cheapest, about $5] is John Holland's self-directed search.
It has been completed by more than 30 million people.

Just a word of caution about career change tests, although an online aptitude test may be advertised as free, often you are permitted to complete the career test for free but to access the valuable reports, there is a charge.
So not truly free!

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