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Remember always that you have not only the right to be an individual; you have an obligation to be one.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Gold Coast Resume Writing

Gold Coast Resume Writing is operated by Robina Careers Advisor Simon Davies. As a qualified careers advisor (Dip. Career Coun.) and past staff employer, he knows how to create resumes that will get you interviews. Down-to-earth prices. Fast turnaround

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Career as a Motivational Speaker

Hello! I have an interest in motivating others. So what are the career options for motivational speakers or allied fields? Is there any other option

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Corporate Survivor

We are told to study and work in something we enjoy. But, these tend to be over-crowded fields. It is better to get a hobby for something to enjoy.

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The boss drove me crazy

You know it's time to change your career when it starts to change who you are becoming outside of work.

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When it's time to go.

Many years ago I left an excellent dream job here in the US because of a change in immediate management. The new manager was of a different cultural background

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Sample Career Development Plan: Free Template + Career Development Plan Examples

Sample career development plan - free template download. Use these free career development plan examples to create your own one to five career development plan. Step-by-step instructions

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Finding Career Fulfilment - Who Are You

Is career fulfilment eluding you? Who is the real YOU in regards to your career?

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Personal Marketing in Job Search

Successful job search is a whole lot more about knowing how to market yourself to employers than having the best qualifications and experience

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Is it time to leave your job?

You know it's best to leave when you feel like you can't breathe there every single day. You find it hard to sleep at night thinking about tommorow's work

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How To Get A Degree Without Going To College

If you want a job that requires a graduate degree, but you can't afford college costs, this novel and creative approach could be worth considering.

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Everyone Works For Themselves

You might be paid for the work you do by your boss but everyone really works for themselves.

Yes, your boss pays your wages now, but you ultimately pay your wages in the future by what you do now.

If an employee works harder and smarter than she is expected to, sooner or later she finds herself being paid more.

If an employee begins to pick up extra responsibilities that are not required of him, pretty soon he'll find himself in higher paid positions involving extra responsibility.

But its hard to put in that extra effort if you don't like your job or aren't naturally gifted in it.
My job as a career counselor is to help people find out what they are really good at so that whether you get paid by the boss or are self employed, you are ultimately working for yourself.

PS: If the work for yourself idea really appeals, take a look at what is probably the most statistically successful work-for-yourself business around at the moment.

Thank Gods It's Friday

It’s a song, a restaurant chain, a 1978 disco movie and a British television show.

Many of us have said it -"Thank God It's Friday".

Sometimes the comment "Thank God It's Friday" is an expression of looking forward to a well-earned break after a busy week.

More often than not, it means I hate my job.

The fact that the phrase is so dominant in our culture is evidence of our dissatisfaction with work.

Research suggests that somewhere between 60 to 80% of all workers do not like their job. The biggest reason for this is because they are not doing something they are naturally gifted in. A simple mismatch between what jobs they are naturally motivated to do and the work they actually perform.

If you are in this position, the single most important thing you can do, in the words of Socrates, is to "Know Thyself”. Lack of self-knowledge and the lack of action with that self knowledge, are the single biggest reasons for prolonged job dissatisfaction.

Make an appointment with a career counselor, work through this free career assessment exercise or simply get away in a quiet place on your own and dig deep to unravel what it is that you really want to do with your life.

And after some proactive soul searching you could be on your way to joining that minority group who genuinely thank God it's Monday.

Free Job Search Help

Download free job search help on mp3 file for ipod etc

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Career Development Plan - Six Ways It Will Bring Greater Fulfillment in Your Career

Why have a career development plan? Quite simply it can increase your income substantially. Gold Coast career counselor explains how easy it is.

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Is Your Job Fun?

Fun is not a word we often associate with our career. But the thought "this is going to be fun" came to me recently as I prepared for a project.

And it reminded me of something renowned author and career counselor John Krumboltz would sometimes ask clients who were considering their next career move, "What job would be fun to try next?".

For most people, that might be quite an unexpected question to come from a career counselor. It may appear to be an overly simplistic approach.

But often simplicity can be best.

What job would be fun to try next?

The question can invoke responses that are likely to unmask the things we are most naturally motivated towards; those activities that draw out our greatest passions.

Although the word fun may appear to be a bit unsophisticated, it also lacks complication. It has the ability to push aside past experiences, expectations of society, family friends and zero in on what your true passions in life are.

So what answer would you give to the question "What job would be fun to try next?"

What Is the Meaning of Career?

Last Sunday our family spent four hours at a Christmas party that challenged me to think about the real meaning of career.
The party was for cancer children (our 16yr old son was diagnosed with leukemia last Christmas).
It was attended by about 70 families and was held at a beautiful country estate on the outskirts of our city.
It was, without doubt the best Christmas party I have ever attended.

This estate was set up like a fair ground for kids.
It had pony rides, merry-go-round, side shows for the children to win prizes at, ice cream trucks and as much food and drink as any child could consume. And of course all of it was free.
Later on Father Christmas arrived and 200 Christmas presents were given out to the those with cancer as well as all their siblings.

But the most amazing thing about this party was that the hosts weren't there.

You see they were an elderly couple in their eighties who recently were both hospitalized.
Because of their condition they had indicated that this would be their last year of being able to run the party.
They had personally financed and planned this event for 39 years (that's almost a persons entire working life).
Someone I spoke to said that it cost the couple approximately $30,000 each year to hold the party.

Yet I suspect if someone had posed the seemingly ridiculous question to them, "What do you do for a career?", they would most likely have responded that they didn't work anymore!

And that got me thinking about the meaning of career.

I've always believed that there is a direct correlation between achieving a fulfilling and meaningful career, and how much a person feels they are making a difference in other peoples lives.
Based on that definition, not only did this elderly couple still have a career, but possible one of the most successful I know.

And based on that same definition how does your current job stack up.

Do you feel you are making enough difference in other peoples lives.

Do you need permission to pursue your career?

A good number of people who come to me for career change advice, essentially do indeed know what they want to do. But often they need "permission" to do what's in their heart.

They need permission because there is another part of them that feels they shouldn't really want to do that type of work.

Or they shouldn't be wanting to change careers at this time in their life. Or they have a family to provide for and taking these types of career change risks is not responsible. There may be a particular career path they are naturally passionate and motivated about, however there are often barriers preventing them from pursuing it.

Sometimes these barriers are internal [e.g. fears it won't work out], sometimes external [I don't think my family and friends will respond to this very well].

These concerns are very real and have often inhibited people for many years from making quality career choices.

Perhaps as a result of seeking career change advice, it transpires that the work you want to do the most is a very unusual occupation and you’re not sure you're ready for the reactions of other people when you announce you're new career direction.

The Expectations of Others

There can be tremendous external pressure from society, from friends, from family, to do a particular type of work, or to not do a particular type of work.

To finish a degree even though you don't like it. To stay in that job even though you have loathed it for the last five years. What will people think if I leave for what they might perceive as an unusual occupation?

The job I am now doing is a "good" job and I would be a fool to leave [even though I know in my heart it is time for a job change].

One of the things that frustrates me as a career counselor is to see people continue through life and never have a crack at the one thing that deep down they are passionate about.

Take the plunge, you have my permission.

How Going to Funerals Can Help Your Career

I was chatting with a friend recently about how much I like going to funerals.

When you get to witness an account of a person’s life soon after they've gone, it can be a great catalyst to examine your own life and career direction to see if its heading the right way.

I find it very worthwhile to get away on my own for an hour after a funeral to contemplate any changes I’d like to make as a result of lessons learned from someone else's life.

And to plan some goals around that.

It is some of my most valuable time for thinking and contemplation.

I find I observe things from a different perspective. One that I don't often observe while caught up in the habits of busy life.

It is an ideal time for planning life and career goals and helps us consider what type of work really matters.

Is a Midlife Career Change Worth the Risk?

A midlife career change can be perceived as a risky move. So what are the chances that it will result in a more rewarding and fulfilling career. It all depends on your career change motivation

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Your Gift is for Giving

I've noticed over the years those who are happiest and most fulfilled in their careers are those who have come to learn that their gifts and abilities are not for them.

They are for other people.

The most joyful people in career and life, are those who operate under a paradox. The more they use their gifts to help others open heartedly, effectively giving themselves away, the more fulfilled they become in their career.

I'm reminded of the scripture "Those who try to save their life will lose it but those who lose their life for my sake will find it."

Different Career Choices: How to Choose Your Best Job Fit!

You have so many different career choices but there is one thing you absolutely must do if you want this career change opportunity to bring meaning to your life! Click here to find out what is.

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How Can Employment Recruitment Agencies Help You?

Employment recruitment agencies are a great resource for career changers. They can get you in front of employers, provide insightful industry information and provide general career change help.

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Nature and Career Decisions

As I sat in my car at the beach today working on my laptop, I was reminded how much more creative I was while working amongst nature.
If you are working through some major career decisions, I would recommend you take half a day off and go for a walk in the forest, along the beach or into the mountains to provide yourself with the best possible environment for your career decisions.
Big decisions require the best resources and I'm convinced our environment is a factor that impacts on our efficiency and creativity more than most realize.
Merry career decision-making!

Making a Professional Career Change: Do You Have a Choice?

Considering a professional career change? If you are disillusioned or depressed in your current profession, finding a career that provides fulfillment may not be an option!

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Career Change Statistics: How Many Times Will You Change Jobs in Your Life?

Career change statistics suggest that you will be making a career change 5-7 times during your work life. Why are we changing careers more frequently than ever before?

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Why Career Change Coaching Can Save You Money!

Career change coaching can save you money, speed up the career transition process, and with the right career change consultant, increase your self-awareness of what you are good at.

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Have you discovered anything new about yourself lately?

I guess career counselors should be some of the best at working out what they are really good at. In theory we should be the happiest people at work. If we havent found our career ideal, how on earth should you expect us to help you find yours. Having said that I realize that it is an evolving journey even for those in the profession.

So I was encouraged today to get another little snippet of revelation on my own likes and dislikes as a career counselor. I have been aware how much I enjoy helping people in the careers and worklife fields, but today as I was recording an audio message, something was reignited as I rediscovered how much more I enjoy delivering my help verbally rather than in written form.

It's these little realizations about our giftings that if we take notice of, and have a system for taking action on them, can add up to big differences in the satisfaction we derive from our work.

I believe these little discoveries of self are always lurking and wanting to reveal themselves to us if we are listening and watching.

Have you discovered anything new about yourself lately?

Keep an eye out.

They want to talk to you!

Career Assessment Tools: Which are the best?

There is a dizzying array of career assessment tools available these days. From a free online career aptitude test to a two day career assessment inventory. But it would appear some are better than others!

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Why I Love 'Real'

I was listening to Tom Peters today and he reminded me why I like him. He is very REAL.

I’m not a fan of swearing (although swearing is often only the use of a correct word in the wrong place, eg. bastard, bitch etc), but Tom Peters swore today not to impress his audience but because he felt "pissed off" with something.

Most of the time I hear people swear, they do it to impress or try to be funny and usually it does neither.

But it got me thinking about REAL. How we all love people who are REAL, but how most of us aren’t much good at it.

I spend some of my day building my career Site Build It Website and in the instruction manual, the word REAL keeps popping up. They tell us that to build web pages that people like to read, you need to be REAL. Get rid of the facade, the pretending to be someone else and just give them you, warts and all.

But it doesn’t come naturally. Why do we find it hard to be real? Because if we are real, it involves revealing parts of us that are not perfect. It makes us vulnerable. We run the risk that others may not like us. And we want to be liked…NO, we crave to be liked. Actually more than liked…..Loved.

It’s one of our primary needs as human beings and we will go to great lengths to get it.

The lack of love (rejection) is the cause of a great many ills. Many people in prison are there for that very reason.

So what’s the connection between being real and being loved. When we take the risk to be more real with others, people connect with us more easily and we become more liked and eventually loved by others.

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