Career Change Reason:
Why Most People Change Careers

Is Your Reason for Change a Solid One

Why Do Most People Change Careers?

Is your career change reason a valid one and will it really lead to greater fulfillment in your career.

Below is a list of the main reasons why people change careers together with career change advice to help you decide if your career change motivation is on solid ground:

    1. Frustrated and Bored in Your Current Job.

    This is probably the most common reason.
    Research has suggested that up to 80% of all workers fall into this category.
    Of course there are many reasons why people get frustrated and bored at work but the biggest single reason tends to be a poor match between the work a person is doing and the natural abilities they possess.

    Nothing is more frustrating to us as human beings as spending most of our waking hours doing something that we are not that good at, nor like doing.

    If this is the situation you find yourself in, one of the best things you can do is to complete the free career change assessment on this website.

    This is more thorough and in-depth than most career tests and should give you some good insight into the things in life that you are most motivated to do.

    2. Money

    Money can often be a career change reason.
    If somebody has been struggling financially for a number of years, they may come to the realization that staying in the industry they are in is never going to bring them the remuneration they need.

    This is an area that we need to be careful in though.
    My career change advice never suggests people should change careers based on money alone.

    Because money alone will never result in long-term job satisfaction.
    Of course there are times in our lives when money is in fact the number one issue we need to solve.
    And that's fine so long as it's a short-term measure.

    The irony is that if we spend some time assessing the things that we are most motivated and gifted in, and therefore will be best at, then it is reasonable that the money we earn will increase.

    The very best way to increase your income is to do the job that you love to do the most and are best at.

    You will invariably get paid more for the things that you are best at.
    So if the career change motivation is money combined with finding the job that fits your inborn motivated abilities then you are on the right track.

    Once again a good place to start is with the free career change assessment

    3. Industry Is in a Downturn

    We live in a world, where each year many jobs simply cease to exist due to changes in technology, demand etc..

    This is one situation where your career change reason is forced on you rather than chosen by you.
    If you are in an industry that is heading for the doldrums, you should get out quick.

    There is a tendency for people to hang on longer than they should when the writing is clearly on the wall.

    Begin to make plans earlier rather than later and get some good career change advice from a career consultant.

    4. Midlife Revelation-I Need More Meaning from Work

    About 15 years ago, I went through a transformation of this type myself, resulting in my retraining as a career consultant.

    However this career change reason is not just restricted to midlife career changes.
    Many people of different ages have a revelation or spiritual awakening that affects their career.

    Their new career change motivation becomes the will to do something that is significant and meaningful in their worklife.
    A Coca-Cola marketing executive may wake up one day and ask the question "Do I really want to be selling sugared water to kids for the rest of my life?"

    When you see your job in a different framework, it may not seem like a particularly inspiring career anymore.

    5. You Want to Work from Home or Start Your Own Business

    This is also another common career change reason around midlife.
    People began to ask the question "How come I'm working so hard for this guy when I could be earning all these profits for myself?

    People are lured by the attraction of having more control over their destiny and the possibility of unlimited earnings.
    This was a very strong career change reason for me when I was 22.

    I started my own business for the very reasons mentioned above.
    The most common industry to start your own business in, is the one that you are currently working in and have had most experience in.

    Many business owners have seen their staff members leave and set up in opposition to them.
    There is a tremendous appeal to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and when it goes right it can offer a much better lifestyle both in freedom of work practices and income gained.

    But it's not always a bed of roses particularly during difficult economic times.

    6. Injury or Illness

    This is another forced career change reason. If you find yourself in this situation, I believe one of the most important things you need to do is to surround yourself with positive people.

    Not unrealistic people, but positive people who will help you get back on your feet.

    One of the most memorable things from my time working as a vocational rehabilitation consultant was the realization of the different ways in which people reacted to injuries.

    Some people had decided early on that their injury was not going to stop them from achieving in life, while others had the opposite viewpoint.

    I also noticed that those that had a very positive approach to overcoming their setback, invariably recovered a lot faster than those who didn't.

    6. Changed Family Circumstances

    Perhaps a family member has become sick or died and this has caused you to reconsider if you want to be as dedicated to your career from now on.

    Perhaps your career change reason is connected with the cost of raising children and you are reconsidering another career for monetary reasons.

    Or having children has made you reevaluate whether you want to be away from home as much.
    Getting your work life balance right is a continuously evolving issue for most people.

    This is another reason why some people opt for self-employment or work at home careers, hoping it will give them more control over their time.

    I have seven children and have always enjoyed the flexibility of self-employment.
    However, I still feel there is never enough time for running my business and seeing to family needs.

    When considering a new career, your career change motivation should always include whether you will be moving into a career that is a good fit for your natural giftedness and abilities.

    One of the best ways to do this is to complete the free career change assessment available on this website.

    Of all the career assessments and tests that I have used as a career counselor over the last 15 years, this assessment continuously proves to be the most valuable when considering changing careers.

    Simon Davies Career Change Counselling
    Gold Coast: Robina, Queensland Australia 4213
    Phone Mobile (outside of Australia) +6148 1333 415
    Phone Mobile (in Australia) 0481 333415
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