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Tips on Maximizing Your Career Potential

This career development article provides links to seven different career keys to help you achieve your career development plans faster. (see bottom of page)

Professional career development is about contemplating where you would like to go and what you would like to achieve in your work life.
And then creating an action plan to achieve it.

Probably more importantly, it's about discovering what you're innate inborn job skills are, and ensuring these are fully developed and utilized as you implement your career development plans.

Professional Career Development Is A
Win-Win For Employers and Employees

Career development is becominng an increasingly important aspect of the employment market, not only for the employee but also for the employer.

Organizations are increasingly aware that not only do businesses have their own goals and purposes, but individuals also want to see their aspirations realized.

Although the primary purpose of this career development article is to help employees with professional career development planning, organizations can also benefit by increasing their understanding about what workers want most from a job.

Increasingly successful organizations want to become Employers of Choice .
More and more they are ensuring that individuals can fulfill their personal career development plans within their organization.

'An example of a company that implemented this philosophy of releasing employees to be their best, is the reputable U.S furniture manufacturer, Herman Miller.

They developed a culture that not only wanted to employee the best designers for their furniture but also gave them incredible license to push the boundaries of design in ways that other manufacturers were not, and would not do.

The net result was an extremely low staff turnover, a company that produced more profit per worker than anyone else in the industry and products that became global leaders.

Herman Miller was rated by the Fortune magazine as one of the Top 10 best employers in the United States to work for.'

And one of the primary ways they are achieving this is by offering professional career development to their employers.
When an organization creates a culture where individuals can proactively pursue their career goals by being allowed to use the skills they love to use, then the organization also benefits .

There is no working environment that is more efficient, more productive and happier than one where workers and the work needed to be done, are well matched.
My hope is that this career development article will encourage both employers and employees to discover and implement this win-win work environment.

Although the number of organizations implementing professional career development over recent years has increased, it still only amounts to approximately 50% of employers.

7 Career Development Articles to Maximize Your Career

1. Career Development Theory
An Old Theory About the Way People Choose Careers Makes a Comeback?

2. What Is Career Development?
What is career development and why should you be bothered with it?
Career development is simply about deciding that your career is important enough that it should have some type of planning framework associated with it.

3. What are the best Career Development Tools
There are a number of career development tools that can help you in your professional career development.
Using the right tools can dramatically speed up the realization of your career development plans.
This career development article looks at six different career development tools to facilitate career change.

4. Career Development Coaching: Does It Work?
Is career development coaching worth the investment of your time and money?
This career development article looks at why career development coaching can be a very effective strategy for both employers and employees in achieving their respective goals.

5. Six Ways A Career Development Plan Can Help You Achieve Fulfillment in Your Career.
A professional career development plan is instrumental for you to achieve your career objectives.
Of all the career development tools, this is probably the most important.

6. A five year career development plan is often the ideal time frame to begin with for career development plans as it is a comfortable balance between being not too far out, yet far enough to allow time to accomplish reasonably ambitious career development goals.

7. Sample Career Development Plan
Free Worksheet and Instructions on How to Create Your Own Career Plan.
Use the link to this career development article to download a free sample career development plan and use it as a template to creating your own career goals.
This sample career development plan will provide a good basis for you to develop your own plan.
Being able to see someone else's finished plan speeds up the process of creating your own career development plans.

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