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Career finder will assist you in finding a career that's exactly right for you?

With these career and job search tips, you will learn how to discover a job that inspires and motivates What job should I do you simply because you will be utilizing your inborn job skills.

Inborn job skills are work related gifts or abilities that you were born with.

They are the abilities that you are innately drawn to use, often without even knowing it.

When you begin to work in a field that utilizes your inborn job skills you will experience true fulfillment and joy in your work.

Here are my seven career search tips and free job search help to assist you in finding a career you will enjoy.

Career Finder Tip #1

Get to 'Know Yourself' better in relation to your inborn skills.

The words of the great philosopher Socrates - 'Know Thyself' also happens to be the foundation stone of the very best career selection process that we know of.

Very few of us really know ourselves well in regard to the things that we are good at and enjoy doing.
Most of us have a bit of an idea but it's usually quite undefined and untested.

Finding out your inborn job skills and abilities that you have had from the day you were born is critical to connecting with the career that you will find most fulfilling.

Career Finders Tip #2

Find out how to match your inborn job skills to specific job types in your job search. It's one thing to know what skills you are good at and enjoy using.
It's something else to know how to accurately match those skills to specific job types.

Career Finder Tip #3

Landing the job, is much easier when you know which organizations in your area have those types of positions.

And by that I don't mean that they necessarily have a current vacancy.

Most employers I know are always on the lookout for staff who have the natural abilities to do the work that they need most to have done.

This is irrespective of whether they have a specific vacancy or not.

I know from speaking to many other employers that they are also always open to additional employees if the right one comes along.

So you don't have to be chasing known vacancies to secure a position.
In fact there is good evidence to suggest that you should not spend too much of your time chasing "known vacancies".

More on that later...

Career Finder Tip #4

Find out who the person is in these organizations who has the authority to make hiring decisions.

Career Finders Tip #5

Learn the easiest way to get yourself a job interview [meeting] with that person.

Career Finder Tip #6

Find out how to show that person why they should employ you.
Show them how your abilities really do match what they need.

Show them also how there is a direct correlation between you working for them and increased profits by the company.

Career Finders tip #7

What to do once they've said Yes.

So you've got the job. Now what do you do to:
  • Make good on your promise of being a tremendous benefit to the business.
  • Make sure that your natural gifts and abilities continue to be used in exactly the way you and the company most benefit from.

Are You Currently in the Wrong Job

  • Have you had a number of jobs in the past that you became bored or frustrated with after a short time?
  • Do you feel a deep level of dissatisfaction about your current job but also feel nervous about making changes that may not be any better?

Research suggests that up to 80% of the worlds working population are in jobs that are not matched to their natural inborn job skills.
If that figure is anything close to accurate, then there are a lot of disillusioned workers who struggle in finding a career that brings them fulfillment.

Why Are There so Many People in The Wrong Job

It's almost like there is a negative force at work trying to stop people finding out what they are good at and enjoy doing in life.

Yet despite that statistic, there are clearly some people who have had great success in choosing careers and do indeed love their jobs.
There are some people who can genuinely say "I can't wait to get back to work on Monday".

Most people laugh at me when I tell them this. Yet there is a small minority of the population where this is true.

I love my job

So what is it about those people who love their jobs?
Were they just lucky?
Are they the sorts of people that would be happy in any job no matter what?

Or are they just happy for the moment but soon will be like the rest of us and become bored and frustrated.

I believe that they were able to identify exactly what type of job they would love to do, and set about getting that job.
Although I am unsure why some people are able to do this so easily, I have noticed that amongst this minority, a good percentage of them knew what they wanted to do from a very early age.

If you are not in this minority of people who are currently in a job that you love then find out what your natural inborn skills are.

If you would like career change advice or help in any area of your career-job search, you can click here to email me.

This is a free service.

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