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Hi my name is Simon Davies.
Before I became qualified and began providing career change advice in Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas, I had my own career-life search.
Simon Davies Career Guidance Brisbane
I was sitting in my first floor office in Colombo St, when I had a life changing moment

I had worked in a number of jobs and then at the age of twenty-three I started my own business; a two-store video rental business which I owned for seven years.

This was in the early 1980's just when videos were getting going and the business became quite successful.

Coming from a family that never had much money (six kids), I now found myself with more money than I knew what to do with.

Although being self-employed was my most enjoyable role up to that point, I had become quite unfulfilled and frustrated in work and life in general.

What Did I Want to Achieve In Life

I began to think long and hard about what it was that I really wanted to achieve in my life.

Success in business had allowed me to obtain many of the material things that an average 28 year old would want, including a freehold house and money to spend on my expensive hobby (motor sport).

Then one day in May 1990, I was sitting in my first floor office in Colombo St, when I had a life changing moment.

I had just completed a review of a personal goal setting program that I had been using when I began to realise that I had now achieved many of the relatively ambitious goals that I had previously set.

Most of my goals related to growing my business, getting more material possessions into my life and achievements associated with motor sport.
But as I reviewed my goals I felt something wasn't quite right.

My Turning Point

As I thought about what I had achieved, I began to become increasingly frustrated.

The frustration grew and grew to a point where, in an expression of anger, I banged my fist down on the desk I yelled the words:
"What is life all about then?"

I soon realised that any number of these goals was never going to bring me fulfilment. I became aware that the more of these goals that I would set and achieve, the more and more disillusioned I was becoming.

What made me so frustrated was that I had been influenced through various books, tapes and through successful people that I had modelled my life after.

Their message was that success in life was about setting these sorts of goals and that once you accomplished them, then you would feel a great sense of success and fulfilment.

I now knew this wasn't true and I felt I had been duped in my thinking. I was now aged 30 and I was in the early stages of a total paradigm shift in my philosophy towards work and indeed life in general.

I had wasted a lot of years chasing things that I thought would bring me satisfaction and joy only to discover I was completely on the wrong path.

This was not to say that I hadn't enjoyed these things, having money and the things it could buy and the choices it can offer.

It's just that I thought these things would bring me happiness and contentment, but they had utterly failed to deliver on those expectations.

Over the following weeks and months, I pondered about:
  • What is it in life that I really wanted to achieve?
  • What one thing, that when I get to the end of my days on earth, I will be able to say with absolute conviction:
    "I'm glad I dedicated my life to doing that".

Around this time in my life another significant event occurred - the death of my father.

Some Good In The The Bad

After his death I was having a discussion with one of his friends when he uttered what he would probably regard as a throw away comment.

But it was a comment that stuck in my mind and has impacted my life since.
"Your father missed his calling He should have been a motivator of people. He was so good at encouraging others and supporting them in their dreams and endeavours in life"

I knew that what he said was true about my father, but for some strange reason I felt that the comment was now meant for me and that it was meant for me for the rest of my life.

I started on a journey which helped me confirm that one of my inborn job skills (abilities that each person is born with and are innately drawn to use) was to help others reach their maximum potential in life.

This same journey also caused me to think about the spiritual aspects of my life and how God and work might be linked.

A short time later I began an eighteen month self-study program on how to find your optimal job.

This was followed by the setting up of a business that taught this material to groups and individuals.

I then completed my qualifications in career guidance, a Diploma in Career Counseling and Cerificate in Vocational Assessment. in New Zealand.

For over ten years I have spent a good part of my working life in career guidance in New Zealand and now in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

I have worked with individuals, groups and corporate clients including New Zealand's largest company (at the time) in the career guidance field, helping people discover how to find the job that's right for them.

If you would like to find out more about my one-on-one career guidance in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, please see my
career services page.

All face-to-face career guidance in Brisbane and the Gold Coast is held at my Gold Coast address or in central Brisbane.

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Simion Davies Careers Advisor family
I live in Gold Coast, Australia with my wife Allanah and seven children aged between 4-17 years.

Simon Davies Career Guidance
Brisbane and Gold Coast Australia

Career Guidance Qualifications:
Diploma in Career Counselling,
Certificate in Vocational Assessment
Past professional memeber of Career
Development Association of New Zealand
(Formely Career Practioners Association of New Zealand)
Simon Davies Career Change Counselling
Gold Coast: Robina, Queensland Australia 4213
Phone Mobile (outside of Australia) +6148 1333 415
Phone Mobile (in Australia) 0481 333415
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