Hi there, I'm 42 and live and work in Christchurch. I've been stuck in a financially stunted and unrewarding job for the last 17 years (yeah I know) My vocation has been graphic design - but the joy of it has been sliding down hill for quite sometime. To the point now, where I'm trying to work out how to feed my family and pay the core bills let alone all the other accrued bills. Anyway I have a few questions about applying for jobs in general. Being 42 I wonder if I'm considered too old?, is my name putting people off calling me for an interview?, is the reputation of my boss putting people off? Does the fact I've been at the same place for 17 years put people off?.. there's only every been the two of us. I do almost the real work, while my boss attends to the admin side of things. Work has been very very lean lately and I've spent days and weeks with mostly nothing to do. I'm not allowed to do any tutorials or training, and I'm not allowed to work on any of my own projects apart from lunchtimes. I have so much stress and worry about surviving from day to day, sometimes I feel my head's going to explode. But I keep wondering how futile looking for another job is, and that I would be much better served doing my own thing. I've got plenty of creative ideas, that I'd like to harness.. but without the extra time and money needed.. I just can't seem to find a way forward... I have so much I could offer, yet no-one seems to be interested in me. Look forward to your thoughts.. Kind Regards Franscois