Different Career Choices:
How to Choose Your Best Job Fit

You have so many different career choices but there is one thing you absolutely must do if you want this current career change opportunity to result in real satisfaction in your future job!

This one thing is probably the most important piece of career change advice that I can give you.
It is the one factor that some people disregard completely while others only give it lip service.

The reason that most people don't address this issue when considering their different career choices, is that there are some shortcut methods that seem attractive in the short term, but ultimately fall short of finding you a fulfilling and satisfying career.

What is this aspect of the process that is so critical when you are deciding on the different career choices available?


Most people try to undertake a change in job without doing the critical self-discovery work.

That is, finding out what their true innate aptitudes are.
This is one of the major reasons why we have up to 80% of the workforce unhappy in their current jobs.

I want to encourage you not to get sucked into the perceived easy route of simply applying for jobs, visiting employment recruitment agencies, or posting your resume on career search websites.

Although it may result in a change in job, one to two years down the track you will probably be wishing you
Know Thyself
had done a little bit extra work after discovering that you are once again frustrated and disillusioned in your current job.

Make this current career change opportunity count by doing some work on finding out what your natural abilities are before progressing to the job search stage.

Here is a free career assessment that will help you uncover your innate life gifts and show you how to use them when deciding between different career choices.

All Right, Here's Your Shortcut

I know I said no shortcuts, but I'm a realist.
I know not everybody will run away and do the long version of the career assessment [but it is still by far your best option].
If after having a look, you decide that you would like a cut down version, here it is.
But be warned all cut down versions have a price.

This edition is just a lazy man's version of the full career assessment:

1. Think about three to four things that you have done in the past four or five years [work or non-work] that you enjoyed doing and thought you did well.
Do not consider whether other people thought you did well, simply whether you considered you did a good job.

2. For each of the above achievements, think about [it is better if you write these down rather than just think about them] any skills that you used on more than one occasion in your achievements.

For example, in the first achievement that you have identified, did you use any skills that you also used in any of your other achievements?

[You can download this skills list and simply check them off the list if you want to. It will save you writing them out].

The key here is to look for common themes in these accomplishments by identifying skill sets that you have used in more than one instance.

From Self-Discovery to Actual Job Types

Once you have worked through the self-discovery process, ask some people who you respect, what types of jobs or different career choices come to mind when they think of these skills.

Give them the list of skills that you have identified from your achievements above.
Sometimes sending out a short letter or e-mail to people, together with the skills list you identified above can work well.
Explain that you are completing a career assessment exercise and you are looking for their help.

The type of people you should ask are those who have had a successful career of some sort.

Whether that be working for someone else or perhaps someone who has implemented a successful self-employment idea, or anybody who has had a good number of years in the workforce.

Another way of achieving the same goal is to organize a brainstorming event at your home.
Simply invite over all your creative thinking friends and family and put on a nice supper.

List all your skills on a whiteboard so everybody can see them, and tell your family and friends that you want them to come up with ideas for different career choices based on the skills you have listed on the board.

These gatherings are often more successful than simply asking people individually or even sending out letters because this process benefits from the power of many creative minds in one room bouncing ideas off each other and maximizing your career change opportunity.

Self-Employment Idea

You may also want to make it clear if you are looking for a self-employment idea as well as standard employee options.
If you are considering self-employment ideas you may want to also address the idea of a change in job that allows you to work for someone else while at the same time pursuing your new business venture.

This allows you to reduce the initial risk by continuing to work in a job while you're self-employment idea gains some traction

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