Five Reasons Why God and Work Are Related

Are God and work in any way connected?

The answer to that will depend on your belief systems about life - your worldview.

Our View on God and Work Is Influenced by One of Two Belief Systems

Generally speaking there are only two basic worldviews in relation to God.
One is that there is a God, the other that there is no God.
With a few variables, the two belief systems are usually aligned with either the world was created, or the world evolved.

Most human beings believe in God [ 88% worldwide, 95% in the United States] .
We also see evolution floundering somewhat in recent times as science progresses and begins to produce more evidence of some form of intelligence in the design of the universe and human beings.

A Reason for God and Work

Assuming now that there is a God who made the world and you and I, can we make a connection between God and work.
We can see that the creator is intelligent, deduced from examining the things around us that he made, they clearly involved design, and the more we learn the more intelligent we realize it is.

I will make a small jump here and assume that therefore when he created the world and everything in it that he had some purpose and meaning for it, including purpose and meaning for you and I.

And I will make another jump here that this God is the God of the Bible. Most of the world's population believe in the God of the Bible, but not necessarily the Christian God.

God tells us in Genesis that work was his idea.
If God and work were meant to be connected, then what can we learn about what God's plan and purpose for that work was.

Work Is Meant to Be Good

Most of us will have experienced work as pleasure some time in our life.
If work can be pleasurable, then what are the components that need to come together to make God and work more in sync.

There are some things that tell us that work is good for us in a physical sense.
For example we know that people, who continue to work in some form late in life, live longer than those who retire early and do nothing.

Most of us have also experienced that sense of pleasure and fulfilment at the end of a day's work when significant projects have been accomplished.
And for some this can be an absolute delight. Some say that the more that they combine God and work, the more fulfilled they are.

So there is at least some identifiable good in work.
However, there is much to be said about work being a burden and that for most people weekends are a lot more enjoyable than the workweek.
We even have restaurant chains and songs titled "thank God it's Friday", it doesn't sound like God and work particularly connected there.

Abilities from God

We also know from the Bible that God thought about us and planned us as individuals even before he made the world .
A number of places in the Bible, in both the New Testament and the old, it is revealed to us that when God made us he instilled in us certain gifts and abilities that we can use while we are on this earth.
And furthermore there is some expectation that we should use them and not neglect them.

I guess it makes sense if we consider the God of creation making this world and all humans in it that He would have some sort of purpose for us and that he would equip those who he has made to enjoy life and find fulfilment in the one thing that they spend most of their waking hours doing.
If we believe in the God of the Bible then I think most people would conclude that the God of the Bible is a good and loving God and that he has our best interests at heart.

And if this were the case, this raises another question.
How come so many people seem to be miserable in their work and never seem to find fulfilment and satisfaction in it?

[Research suggests that somewhere around 70 to 80% of people are dissatisfied and effectively mismatched in their work]
So if God and work are best when merged, then a very high percentage of the worlds working population don't seem to be experiencing it.

Why We Aren't Happy at Work

If God wants us to be happy at work and he has given us the means to be happy at work. And we also want to be happy at work, then why isn't it happening.

I guess you could apply this philosophy to a number of things in life when you bring God into the picture.
If God wants it to happen, and he is able to make it happen, then why isn't it happening?
For example, if God is a loving God, how come thousands of people, including often innocent children, die every day through starvation, disasters and abuse at the hands of other people?

I believe the God of the Christian Bible has the answers for these issues to a large degree, although they are not always that easy to digest, and I am not suggesting that some questions remain unanswered.
Without getting too theologically deep, I believe the simple answer to these issues is something that Jesus spoke about frequently in the New Testament.
Despite going to a church as a child, and even though this was clearly communicated in the New Testament, I never believed in this aspect of Christianity.

There are many Christians, nominal and otherwise who do not believe in this, despite clear and unequivocal teachings on it by Jesus Christ.

When I began to think more about why so many people did not believe in this facet of the spirit realm, or could not accept it, it began to become clearer to me why this was happening.
If you do not believe in something, you cannot possibly address the effects that it produces.

If you don't believe in insects, but every night insects are eating away all the vegetables in your garden, you will never be able to effectively discover the problem.

Even if you get in a garden expert for advice, and he tells you that your problem is that insects are eating your vegetables at night when you can't see them, this information will be no good to you if you do not believe in insects.

The fact that so many people don't believe in this spiritual key that Jesus talked a lot about, makes it impossible for them to address the issues that are affected by it.
What issue did Jesus speak a lot about that I am referring to?

The devil, Satan, Lucifer, the evil one.

The devil, Jesus tells us, is the prince of this world.
He tells us how the devil even tempted Him with three different temptations.
But many people who believe in God, do not believe in the devil.
I do struggle to hear somebody say that they consider themselves a Christian, [or a Catholic or a Baptist or a Methodist or an Anglican or whatever denomination they belong to] but do not believe in the devil.
Christianity is about Christ.
And Christ believed in the devil.
Christ spoke about the devil many many times.
And he warns us on many occasions about the devil.
He tells us that he does have some authority over us for a certain amount of time.

However for those who do believe in Jesus Christ and the event at Calvary whereby he took the power back from the devil, we understand that he also gave us the authority to take the power back from him and to be not controlled by him.
So we don't have to be controlled by the evil forces on this earth, but we so often are, Christians and non-Christians alike.

So how does this all relate to God and work?
One of the Devils mandates is to stop us enjoying life on earth.
And one of the ways he does this is to either tell us that God doesn't care about us and that he has not given us any special gifts and abilities to use and enjoy.
Or to simply make it incredibly difficult for us to find out what those abilities are.

If we are aware that we have an opposition working against us [keep in mind that the Bible tells us that Satan has come to rob and kill and destroy you - not nice stuff], then we at least have a chance of fighting that opposition.

If we deny the opposition exists, we have no chance of addressing those issues.
The good news is that you have been given great abilities by God when he put you together in your mother's womb.

Your job is to bring God and work together by finding out what your God given abilities are.
And to ensure that you use them as best you can while you are on earth.
This is the key to a successful and fulfilling work life.

One thing that will help you find out what your God given abilities are, is to complete the inborn job skills assessment.

This is the best assessment instrument that I know of to help a person find out what their natural inborn abilities are.
If you feel you have not been using your God given gifts and want to rectify that, the best career change advice I could offer you is to complete the inborn job skills assessment above.

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