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If you are looking for employment opportunities on the Gold Coast, this information will help you obtain a better job and will usually result in finding employment faster.

I am a qualified career coach based in Robina on the Gold Coast, Australia.
I provide career change advice by helping people work out what they are best at and then assist them to find employment associated with their strengths.

Two Ways to Find Gold Coast Employment Opportunities!

There are fundamentally two methods of finding employment.

  1. The first method involves traditional job search practices including working the online job search websites, classified advertisements in newspapers and working through employment agencies etc.

    Research tells us that only about 25% of all jobs filled are obtained through these methods.
    The job search process for any individual takes much longer than most people think, but this method usually takes the longest and is the most soul destroying because it normally involves numerous knockbacks, rejections and can become quite a difficult season in a persons life.

    The average job search takes approximately 12 weeks from when a person begins to look for employment.
    This is much longer than most people expect.

    In the current economic climate on the Gold Coast, employment success may take longer than that, depending on the field you are attempting to enter.

  2. The second method involves what we call the "hidden job market".

    The hidden job market is by far the better method of successfully obtaining employment on the Gold Coast .
    There are many reasons for this but one of the main ones is simply that not many people use it, therefore your competition is much less.

    The first thing that many employers do when they need to employ a new person is to ask around the existing staff members and business colleagues.

    The process for a business owner to find a new staff member is one that most of them do not like because it is very time-consuming and quite often is a hit and miss process in finding the right person.
    But if they can find somebody who comes at least partially recommended by an existing staff member or business acquaintance, that is a process they will frequently opt for.

    That gives the employer more confidence.
    This is only one way that positions are filled within the hidden job market but it is important to understand that most jobs that are gained by new employees are never advertised anywhere.

    Other methods of working the hidden job market may include a proactive candidate networking amongst the industry he or she is interested in; a job seeker selling themselves to do a short-term contract which later turns into a permanent employment position; an offer to do short-term unpaid work to prove a candidates ability to a prospective employer; and there are a number of other ways to work within the hidden job market.

Employment Success = Knowing What You're Good at

Most people have some idea of what their key strengths are.
But not many really know enough about their strengths and motivations [ie] what skills they are naturally good at and love to use.

But this is precisely the critical information that an employee needs to know about you.
And you need to know how to communicate this to the them during a job interview.

If you have never done in depth analysis on your natural work skills, I recommend you complete the inborn job skills assessment.

If you need help to complete this as part of your successful Gold Coast employment campaign, I would love to help .
This exercise is a tremendously helpful process in identifying and becoming confident with your unique job skills.

For many people it is a significant self-discovery exercise.

If you have never completed anything like this before I would encourage you to do so.

If you require help in accessing jobs in the Gold Coast employment market, please call or e-mail me to make a time.

Please see my services page for costs.

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Simon Davies Career Change Counselling
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Phone Mobile (outside of Australia) +6148 1333 415
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