How to Get a Job Through the Hidden Job Market

The hidden job market is simply all the jobs that people successfully secure that are never advertised or marketed through conventional methods i.e. job agencies, Internet job search engines, local newspapers etc.
In fact almost nobody knows about them.
And if you are a job seeker wanting the right job - a job that fits you better in regards to your inborn abilities and motivations, then you absolutely must tap into the hidden job market.
The Hidden Job Market will help you get a job faster, but more importantly a job that you will enjoy a great deal more than if you simply follow the traditional job search methods.

Most people looking for a job use what I call the reactive method, rather than the proactive method of job search.
What does this mean? Simply put, they complete their job search by primarily responding to job vacancies that are known or advertised in some way. Yet we know that approximately 80% of all jobs gained, will be through the hidden job market.
To effectively work the hidden job market, the first thing you must have is a solid and confident understanding of where your natural job skills lie.
When it comes to a job interview one of the most powerful draw cards that an applicant has for an employer, is to portray natural confidence and enthusiasm about the things they are good at.
Although most people have some idea of what they are good at, most have not fleshed out precisely where they fit best and in what way their strengths can help an employer.

And that's ultimately what will win you a job, selling an employer the idea that what you love to do and are good at, is exactly the skills they need. And if it's not the skills they need, then you are speaking to the wrong person. Speak only to businesses that have a need for the skills that you love to use and are good at. This is where the inborn job skills dream career finder and inborn job skills assessment comes in. This assessment provides evidence of where your true inborn job skills lie.
And evidence is what employers love to see. Evidence that you can take with you to the job interview.
A person completing the inborn job skills Dream Career Finder may discover that they have never really focused on using their natural inborn job skills in a work situation before.
For some people the results of this assessment can be life transforming in regards to their future work direction.

Hidden Job Market Tips

If you are looking for a job and want to:
  • find a job that suits you well, one that you can feel a great deal of fulfillment and satisfaction in.
  • find a job faster than normal.
  • find a job that you will stay longer in because you enjoy it more.
  • find a job that will usually pay more than jobs found using traditional job search methods. This is due to securing a good fit between the skills and abilities you offer and the skills and abilities required by the employer.

This is what I recommend:
  • Recognise the importance of using basic marketing concepts to give yourself an edge with employers. See job search personal marketing.
  • Complete the inborn job skills assessment on this site.
  • Either use the results of that assessment to target your "best fit" jobs on your own.
  • Or if you live in my area, make time to come and see me to discuss the results and together we will devise a strategy for securing a job utilizing the hidden job market strategies.
  • Or, more likely if you live on the other side of the world, you can work through the inborn job skills assessment verbally with me via Skype or phone. This is the best method if you are in a hurry.

See below for phone number or Contact page for full details.

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