Self Marketing Skills Critical in Job Search

Those who are the most successful at getting jobs are usually NOT the most qualified.
The most successful are those who know a lot about how to market themselves well.

McDonalds are probably not the most appetising hamburgers you can buy, but they are (arguably) the very best at promoting themselves to people. As a result they are more successful than any other organisation on the planet in the fast-food space.

They know more about how to get you to choose them, and less about making the best hamburger.
As a job seeker you need to do exactly the same. How much do you know (and implement) about the best way to get an employer to choose you, because being the most qualified usually isn't enough?

We need to think like a great marketing person who is always asking themselves:
  1. What can I do to make myself stand-out and get noticed among my competitors.
  2. What would truly impress an employer?

Ideas You Can Use

1. One way to do this in an interview is to have some very intelligent questions prepared that demonstrate you are intensely knowledgeable and skilled in your area of expertise - particularly around new thinking or developing ideas in the industry - you need to be an avid reader for his reason.
Case Study:
I know of a recent example of a job interview where the two interviewers were so impressed that they looked at each other and smiled at the candidate's answer and then went on to tell him that no one else has ever told them that before.

They inferred that they were very impressed with his knowledge and understanding of these important concepts in this space.
Make sure you are among the most knowledgeable in the industry - this makes you valuable to them and value is what they seek.

2. On an even more practical note, I know of a number of job seekers who have significantly increased their success rate by simply printing off their resume and cover letter - on high quality paper - instead of sending it on-line, and then couriering it (not posting) directly to the person making the hiring decision, or their agent.

3. Taking this a step further and sending a well crafted letter (you don't need a resume at this stage - the letter is a better marketer) on high quality paper and envelope, sending it to organisations who are currently NOT advertising.

The letter would basically outline how you can add value to their organisation, but the end of the letter is the key to success.
Finish with something along the lines of: a follow up, I will call you in the next day or two to arrange a time to briefly pop in and introduce myself...

I encourage all job search candidates to finish their approach by always allowing the door to stay open for you to take the next step, not the employer.

So you would never write if you have a suitable position open, I would look forward to hearing from you - you will almost never hear from them.
You must always take the next step, not them.

The major goal of all job search strategies is to get your face physically in front of the person who has the authority to hire you.

A simple pop in to introduce myself is an easier way for them to let you do that.
Once a meeting of any kind has taken place, the opportunity for employment sparks to fly has now been established.

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