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What Will the Dream Career Finder Do For Me?

It will unearth what talents you are most naturally gifted in and genuinely motivated to use.
That's the foundation that every person must have before they can choose a career that they will be best at.
One of the reasons that many people are frustrated in their job is because they don't have a thorough understanding of what their deepest talents are.

And if you don't know the things that you are very best at, then it is impossible to select a job where those skills are used.
A lot of people have some idea, but the waters get muddied between what skills they have been using and what they are innately good at.

We also note that if you are working in a job doing what you are best at, you will be much more fulfilled and content.
That's because there is a direct correlation between doing the things you are best at and enjoying your work. If you are good at something, you will invariably enjoy it more.

So the Dream Career Finder assessment not only finds out what you are very best at, but at the same time uncovers what type of job will make you the happiest.

How Will It Improve My Lifestyle?

Well the obvious ones are, as mentioned, that if you are going to a job each day where you are doing things that you love to do, you will we much happier at work.
There is a very high level of job frustration in the Western world.
Research suggests that somewhere between 65 and 80% of workers are in jobs where their skills are mismatched to the work they are doing.

How Will It Improve My Lifestyle - Long Term?

Greater fulfillment and satisfaction at work has flow on effects to happiness in your life outside of work.
The long-term effects of this are not to be discounted: happiness, less stress and therefore improved health and improved financial situation.

But probably most of all, the sense that you really are contributing the very best you can to the world as a person.
This is fantastic for your personal well-being and self worth.

There is something that I don't fully understand that occurs when a person fully finds their niche.
A new energy that seems to create itself from within is unleashed.
This positive attitude in turn creates an even more successful career for you.

Because work occupies such a large portion of a person's waking hours, you will therefore be happier overall.
Your happiness and contentment at work definitely have overflow affects into other areas of your life, family, personal relationships etc
Another way it will improve your lifestyle is that there is research to show that a person will earn more money when they are working in a job that they are best at and that they love to do most.

That makes sense.
I love my job....
I'm very good at it....
Sooner or later somebody will recognize that and pay me more because I am now worth more to their business.

[That's really the number one question employers ask when employing a new worker "what value will this person add to my business and is she worth the X. thousand dollars that I am about to offer her.
As a career counselor for many years I have noticed that despite the economic conditions there is always a hunger from employers to find people who are very good at their job and love what they do. They are a rare commodity.]

How Will That Help My Family?

As mentioned above, when you are happier at work that does translate to being happier at home and in turn results in improved relationships with our spouses children etc. There are wonderful benefits to your whole life when you love the job you do.

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