The Dream Career Finder

How to Find a Job
You Will Love

Would You Like A Job That:

  • Provides a real sense of personal fulfilment?

  • Gives you a feeling of contributing something meaningful to the world?

  • Leads to greater respect from work colleagues

  • Pays well

  • Results in increased happiness at work ...and at Home

If you are one of the 65-80% of workers who are in a job that you don't like (and are not suited to), I have good news for you.
There is now a simple way for you to choose the right job that will result in tremendous personal satisfaction.

The Dream Career Finder Will Reveal Your 'Talent DNA' Enabling You To Discover a Tremendously Rewarding Career or Self Employment Opportunity

Hi, I'm Simon Davies; I'm a qualified Career Counsellor (Dip. Career Coun.) from Australia with over 12 years experience in the industry.

The Dream Career Finder (DCF) is a remarkable assessment instrument that will reveal startling insights about the core DNA of your career talents..... talents that you may not be aware you have.

Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will be able to go to work in a job that affords true meaning and purpose and rewards you with more money.

The DCF provides critical feedback about your natural inborn abilities and the world of work in which you should use them. It probes selected achievements in your life to uncover your common theme of unique work aptitudes and motivations.

The Essential Key to Job Satisfaction:
Know What You Are Best At

Only after you are confident that you, can you begin to make career choices that use those talents.
If you don't know what your innate talents are have that information, your choices will be frustratingly off the mark.

Many people go through their entire life without a clear understanding of what their primary aptitudes are.
And they pay the price with a disillusioned work life, year in year out.

Know thyself - the words of the great philosopher Socrates are as true today as they were 2500 years ago.
Finding out what you are genuinely good at will likely be the most valuable career-related knowledge you will get.
And that's exactly what the DCF will do for you.

The results provide you with insight into the core aptitudes that bring true meaning and fulfilment to your work life, enabling you to make very reliable career choices.

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Does Your Boss Appreciate You? - Your Next One Will!

You will become appreciated more by your boss and fellow workers as a more competent and capable employee.
Why? Because you will be working in an occupation that is in sync with your innate aptitudes and therefore you will contribute more to the organization.

The most productive and proficient workers are usually those who are doing what they love to do, in roles that utilize their strongest talents.
Even others within your industry may begin to respect the work you do and acknowledge your expertise now that you are doing what you love.

This sense of being valued by others, research shows, will make you a happier person.1

Not Just Happier At Work.....At Home Too

Less stress in the home equals enhanced relationships and a more enjoyable life.
If you are working in a job that you enjoy and are good at, you will be more content and fulfilled.

That happiness and satisfaction will filter through to other relationships and your home life.
And if you are a mum or dad this translates into better relationships with your partner and children and the satisfaction of being a more stress free parent.

Passion And Energy Up, Frustration And Depression Down

Being stuck in a dead end job can be utterly frustrating and depressing.
But when your work brings immense personal fulfilment, it's as if you've been reborn.
Frustration and disillusionment vanish.

Your passion and energy levels soar as your innate abilities now become completely aligned with your day-to-day work activities.
This results in a more vibrant and enthusiastic you.

Your self-esteem will also increase when you realize that you really are very good at some things in life.
I still vividly remember when I first completed this assessment; it was an inspiring and enormously encouraging experience.
My spirit was rekindled as I discovered my motivational thrust in life - the things that really drove me and for which I wanted to make my life count.

The Most Important Benefit You Will Get

Each of you should use whatever gift (gracious divine endowment) you have received to serve others
Peter, the Apostle.

There is one benefit you will get from the DCF that surpasses the rest.
The reward of helping others.
And research confirms that a life focused on helping others is critical to our well being.2
When it boils down to it, all work is ultimately about the betterment of other people's lives.
And the greatest benefit of working in a job that you are very good at, is that you get to help people in a much greater way than if you were working in just any job.

The real benefit to you, others and society as a whole is when you are working in a role you are best at. And this is what the DCF is all about, finding out what you are best at and enjoy doing the most.

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How Can I Be Sure I Really Have These Talents?

Our inborn aptitudes will repeatedly show up during our life whether we are aware of them or not.
Evidence within the career counseling field confirms that our innate abilities are so ingrained in us as individuals, they continue to express themselves in our daily endeavours.
The DCF will assure you that these abilities absolutely belong to you and more importantly that you are innately driven to use them.

When you see these reoccurring aptitudes show up in various exploits throughout your lifetime, it's a confirmation that these really are part of the fabric of your being.
You become totally revitalized in your work life and receive a potentially life-changing new vision for what it is you need to achieve in life.

Proven Technique

This DCF's approach has proven to be extremely useful to workers around the world.
Similar systems are used by Fortune 500 and non-profit organizations to help find the best fitting employers for their organization.

No other career assessment instrument that I know of, offers more valuable information about your essential work motivations.

You Will Earn More Money

You will inevitably earn more money if you in a job where you are using your natural inborn abilities.
It makes sense - if you are working in a job you love and are good at, you will be worth more to an organization than working in a job you are not great at nor enjoy.

Those who are paid the most in any given industry are those who are the best at their work.
The amount of money an average lawyer makes might only be half as much as the highest earning lawyer in his town.

So what is the difference between the two of them.
In the majority of cases it's simply a matter of one being better at it than the other.
And they're better at it, in most cases simply because of natural ability.

It is quite likely that the lower earning one is in the wrong job.
If you want to earn more money, get into a job that uses your innate abilities.
Not only will you love the work, you'll earn more. And more money gives you options.

Trading Your Money for's an Option

You are now in a position to trade some of the money for time with your family or to pursue other interests...if you choose to.
More money means you could choose to work less for the same amount of money.
You may like to reduce your working hours to do more things with the kids or pursue another interest.

Or perhaps a greater income may mean moving into a bigger house in a nicer area.
Or providing some things for your kids that you currently can't afford like extra after school lessons in that subject they've been struggling in or whatever else is on your list of "if I had some extra cash..."

If you can provide some of these things, that will make you feel like a better provider, that sense of happiness that comes from being able to give.

You Will Get A Job Faster

People who engage in a career aptitudes evaluation like the DCF, find work faster.... considerably faster.

It takes on average about 12 weeks for a person to find a job from the time they actively begin looking.
With traditional job search methods, many job seekers begin with insufficient knowledge about what their chief aptitudes are.

This puts them in a very poor standing when it come to presenting their most valuable skills to an employer through their resume and job interview.
Consequently their job search takes longer.

But if you know what you are best at and can articulate that to an employer, you dramatically increase the speed at which you will find a job; saving you time and getting that new pay check faster.

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US $9-95
Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or Paypal.
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The DCF Will Save You A Lot Of Time

Although you will need to spend some time completing the DCF and sending off the results to me, this whole exercise is really about saving you time perhaps half a lifetime or more. I know. Life is busy...very busy.
But that's part of the problem...busy at stuff we probably shouldn't be doing.
The time you spend completing the DCF is time very well spent.

It's an incredibly small investment of your time compared to spending years in a job you don't like.
It's an incredibly small investment of your time compared to what you spend looking for jobs on the Internet, in newspapers and applying for jobs (even jobs you know you won't enjoy).

It's an incredible small investment of your time compared to writing out resumes, going for job interviews and then starting the whole process over when after six months you discover...this isn't it...arhh!

Don't Play It Safe When It Comes To Your Individual Talents

Will you go to the grave with regrets about what you could have done with your life?
By completing the DCF and discovering your genuine talents, you reduce the chance of having regrets.

Have you heard about the parable of the man who goes away on an overseas trip and puts three different workers in charge of various amounts of money?
Two of them decided to put the money to work, investing it, gaining interest and generally being proactive with the resource entrusted to them.
The third however did nothing.
He buried it in the ground and left it there until his boss returned.

Here's what his boss had to say to him when he got back.

That's a terrible way to live.
It's criminal to live so cautiously like that.
Get rid of this "play it safe", who won't go out on a limb.3

So what's that got to do with finding a fulfilling career you ask?
It's about making sure you maximize the use of the giftings you have been given.
You don't want to go to the grave with regrets about what you could have done, and should have done with your abilities.

Can't I Just Complete A Quick Online Career Quiz Instead?

Yes you can.
But we all know that you get out whatever you put in.
One of the problems with many career tests is they have no, or limited, validity.
Most of them have lengthy disclaimers about how the results may not be accurate.
And the reason for the disclaimers is not only that they lack validity but they contradict good career counseling practice by minimizing the principle of 'helping a client help themselves'.

Career test results shift the power from the client to the test results "here are the results; therefore this is what you should do".
It boxes people into the idea that people are not really unique but are 'grouped' into predetermined types.

The DCF is not a quiz or test.

It does not provide you with a limited list of jobs you could do.
It is an achievement based self-assessment that digs deep into your past exploits to uncover your core motivated abilities.

It gets the very essence of who you are and where your natural bents lie.
And by doing this it provides the foundation for the very best career choice approach and ultimately a rewarding life.

Easy-To-Follow Step-by-Step Instructions

The DCF is laid out in an easy to follow step by step format and included are examples of what you need to do, making it very straightforward to complete.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about its completion.

Get Started Right Away

As soon as payment is completed you get direct access to the DCF assessment, so you can get started straight away.

You will be immediately on your way to a meaningful and prosperous career, and the feeling of being able to contribute in a more meaningful way to an organization and the world.
It won't be long before you can leave the frustration of your current job knowing that a more fulfilling career is just around the corner.

It's a very meager investment for a potentially large return.

Unlimited 3 Month Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked

Now I dont have many people who want their money back, but I just want you to know, that it's not a problem.
Quite frankly, if you're not happy, I'm not happy.

I provide an unlimited money back guarantee on the DCF.
If for any reason you are not happy, and that even includes that you simply couldn't be bothered starting it (that would be regrettable), you can receive a full refund-no questions asked.

You don't need to fill out a form.
You don't need to provide any reason whatsoever why you want a refund.
Just send the details through my contact page and you will receive a full refund within 2 working days.

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US $9-95
Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or Paypal.
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3.Bible MSG, Mathew 25:26