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Thanks both of you
by: jivan

my case is almost same as shawsank. but I don;t want to change career due to money.

The only reason is I love moving things. Let's see. I'm gone try and prove myself wrong .

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Change from Web Designer to a 3d Animator
by: Shashank

Thanks Simon thank you very much for replying to my question.
1. First of all being a 3d animator was my prime career option. But unfortunately I’m a web designer.
It doesn't mean that I don't enjoy my current profession I do enjoy my profession but the problem is i m not getting that much satisfaction what i really expect.
Secondly also it is a matter of money as well. Being a 3d artist I have more opportunity then a web designer. I have the opportunity to earn more money and career growth as well.
Yes I know 1 person who is working as a 3d artist. I have talked to him. He also suggested changing my profession.
Now what do you think. Also suggest what to do and how to do
Thanks and regards

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by: Simon

It sounds like you have thought through this and you have pretty much decided that 3-D animation is where you want to go.
Your position lends itself quite well to successfully changing careers. You are in a job which you do not dislike but you have identified one that you would like to do even more.
The way I recommend you transition is slowly.

Perhaps you could begin your 3-D animator career slowly on a part-time or temporary basis while at the same time protecting yourself financially by continuing in your current job.

I'm not sure of your natural ability in regards to 3-D artwork but if you have innate ability you could begin to offer yourself for part-time temporary contracts, perhaps even offer yourself free for some work.
This is a great way to get your foot in the door and begin to network within an industry that you have no previous contact with.
Although having said that you did mention that you already have a friend in the 3-D animation industry.
He may well provide your first point for networking within the industry to secure your first jobs.

If however like most people, you do need to get some additional training, then clearly this is the first step.
But once again I would recommend trying to complete the study of a part-time basis while holding onto your current position.

Alternatively if you want to speed the process up you could leave your current position and dedicate yourself to a period of full time study to bring your skill level up.
Whether you can do this will be dependent on your financial situation, if you can afford to be without income for a period of time.

The best option is usually to do it the slow way thereby exposing yourself gradually to the 3-D animation industry.
This way you still have your current job (which you say you don't mind doing) and solid income.

If it turns out that you don't enjoy your work as a 3-D animator, then you haven't lost much.

Shashank, the only word of caution I would give is to be weary of changing from one career to another based primarily on money.
Although in the short term it can bring a level of satisfaction, research suggests that it is not high on the list of long-term job fulfillment criteria.
The single biggest reason a person remains happy in their career long-term is that they are truly using their natural gifts and abilities on daily basis to help other people.

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