Web Designer to 3D Animator Career Change?

by Shashank
(Delhi, India)

Hi, my name is Shashank, I’m a web designer but I’m not sure about this as my future career. I want to change my profession from a web designer to a 3d animator.
Please tell me if this is the right career decision.
Thanks and regards

Simon Replies
Hi Shashank,
I'm going to need a bit more information from you before I can help you.

1. Please explain to me why you have doubts about your career as a web designer. Are you bored? Is it a question of money? What, if anything do you enjoy about your job as a web designer? What in particular don't you like about it?

2. What is it about a 3-D animator career that appeals to you?

3. Do you know anybody that currently works as a 3-D animator? (If so have you spoken with them about this type of work)

4. Are you aware of the market conditions for 3-D animators in your area?
(From now until 2018, it is expected that there will be an approximate 12% increase in the demand for this type of work in the United States according to the Department of Statistics - which is high compared to other job type forecasts)

5. On a pure enjoyment level, how much fulfillment and pleasure do you think this type of work would bring you?
(How much passion you bring to a job and how much you really enjoy that type of work is one of the best foundations for good career selection).

Please post your answers in the comments column below.
Just doing some deep thinking about the questions above should be helpful in itself.


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