Who are you?
...finding career fulfilment

This question (Who are you?) was posed by me to someone recently in regards to their career fulfilment.
I felt there was an unhealthy gap between the way they saw their possible career/future and what I sensed could potentially be achieved in their life.
In other words, I saw two different people that they could become, but which one was going to become the real them in relation to experiencing a fulfilling career and life!

Here's a couple of takeaways that came from it that I believe are applicable to a large number of people trying to work out what they should do with their career and life:
  • Great Achievers in life see bigger possibilities for themselves than other people. They see the future differently primarily because they think differently about it.
  • Many of us could achieve greater and more fulfilling lives if we learnt to simply think differently.
  • These thinking habits can be learnt. The thoughts required to enlarge our thinking about what is really possible - about what we could potentially achieve - these can be learnt.
  • How do you learn to think this way? In exactly the same way you learn any new habit. It's no different than deciding to get fit or eating more healthily.

How Can I Learn to Think Bigger and Better?

The way you think is a habit that can be learnt and many people have done this.
In the same way that a person wanting to loose weight must change what goes into their mouth.
A person who wants to change their mental fitness must change what goes into their mind.

Have you ever tried losing weight and you suddenly find yourself with a piece of food in your hand that you know you shouldn't eat.
If you have got to a significant discipline level, you may elect to put the food back on the plate and not eat it.
It's the same with the thoughts you eat.
You must identify what thoughts will serve you well and what ones won't and take steps not to allow the unproductive thoughts to be eaten.

How to Protect And Feed Your Mind

In my experience one significant culprit in this space is our continuous consumption of gloomy media - TV, radio, social media, newspaper etc.

There is very little good in most of these for your mind - with some exceptions. I have had several news/media fast's in the past and my mind was significantly better for it.
I'm doing one now!

Of course that is only the intake sources.
Our human nature often gravitates to unproductive negative thinking all by itself.

There is a proverb that says "As a man thinks so he will become".
In fact James Allen wrote a whole book about this topic which became a classic.

You can download a free copy here.

What If I Fail!

One of the reasons people are hesitant to embrace a bigger thinking future for themselves is because they are concerned they might fail.
I have some great news for you on this. It's not that you might fail.
You will fail!

What if I failed 10,000 times?

Every persons success is simply a series of failures which they employ to make the next outcome better.
When Thomas Edison was interviewed by a journalist prior to creating the light-bulb, the journalist asked him, Mr Edison, don't you think it's time to give up on this electric light thing. I understand you have failed to make it work over 10,000 times.

Edison responded, I haven't failed 10,000 times, I have successfully found 10,000 ways it will not work.
Not long after, the light bulb became a reality.

The Key to Success - make wrong decisions!

There was an enthusiastic young man who observed the great success of his father's friend and wondered how he might become successful also.

How do I become successful the young man asked. Young man, you have to learn to make right decisions. OK, said the young man, but how do learn I learn to make right decisions?
Make wrong ones he responded.

What's Your Potential?

It's our responsibility as a human being to be always pushing the boundaries to ensure we fulfill all our potential while we are on earth and to do that, we will make lots of wrong decisions.

It would be a waste knowing we left this place without achieving our potential.
What could you do to make sure that doesn't happen? What could you do to ensure a full and fulfilling career and life?
Do you even know what your true potential is?

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